Tuesday, October 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Squishy yarn!!

Of the four WIPs I showed you last week, one is done already! Yay :) It probably won't show up this Friday though, as I want to wait until it has reached its intended recipient.

I've been doing quite a bit of knitting this past week, and have made good progress on several WIPs, so that's all good :)

Garter Stitch Wristlets - one down, one to go :) I really adore this yarn - it's Posh Yarn Pamela Sock in the "That Don't Impress Me Much" colourway. The colours are awesome, and I love the squishiness of the yarn - especially in the garter stitch section.

I've just cast on for the second one this morning. This first one took me about 4 hours to knit, so it's possible - even if not particularly likely - that I might finish the second one by the time I see my sister this weekend :)

Honey Cowl - I've just gotten started on the purple, so 25% through. I LOVE how this is turning out. The yarn is amazingly soft, and the colours work perfectly together! Despite the simplicity of it, this is currently my favourite thing to knit, because I just can't wait to use the finished product. It's dedicated travel knitting though, so I'm trying to limit myself ;)

Red Chocolate - yes, I finally returned to the Red Chocolate ;) The bobbin pin shows my progress since the last photo - that's only the work of one evening though, so I'm satisfied :) Another 6 rows to go and then I'm ready to bind off for the armholes. I'm a tad worried about this project just now, I have to admit. For the back piece I measured the length at the cabled section rather than the garter section, as the cabled section was the longest part and I figured I didn't want to squish anything together when sewing it up. Now the side piece tells me to measure "on the short side" = the garter stitch section! Doing that would mean that the decreases/bind off of the back and side wouldn't match up! On the other hand, I'm afraid that NOT doing that would make the sweater too short :-/ I think I've decided to just discount measuring altogether and counting garter stitch rows instead to make sure I have the same number for back and sides... and then just keeping my fingers crossed that the drape will make it long enough anyway.


  1. They look amazing, all of them. I LOVE squishy yarn! Hope the sweater turns out OK :)

  2. Love the wristlets, the wrist pattern is just lovely against the simplicity of the actual hand part.

    Popping over from WIP Wednesday.

  3. I love the wristlet, looks so snug and cosy :)

  4. I take it you like cable projects ;-). I like the cable cuff on the wristlets! And I looked up the sweater ... wow, that looks complicated!