Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Sock Scrap Yarn

This weekend I fell into the rabbit-hole of the sock yarn blanket. I'm not sure why, I've been seeing it around for years, but Saturday I realized that I just really wanted to knit it... so I cast on, and have been churning out 4 a day on average ever since :)
I'm really happy with the way it's turning out so far :) I decided to cast on 41 sts for each block instead of just 31, so I won't have to make a million of it... now I just have to make 400 or so to get a blanket as large as I'd like ;)

That doesn't mean I've given up on my Puzzle Pieces though - in fact, I've gotten all the existing ones sewn up!
But doing so made me realize that it really doesn't work all that well with the really varigated yarn - I think it ends up being too busy and works better in solid or semi-solid yarns, so now I'm doing a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B.

Besides, now I can stick with just maing this a lap-blanket or a pillow-case, as these pieces are much smaller than the sock blanket squares, and a full-size blanket would take longer than I wish to contemplate ;)


  1. Both projects look beautiful, I can imagine that it feels good to work on both. I agree with you regarding the varigated yarn and I'm curious how it will develop.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Woah, the puzzle blanket is so cool! I've never seen anything like that! (I like the other blanket too, don't worry!) ;-)

  3. I just finished my 3rd (!!!!!!) sock blanket, but WHOA>>>>>>one of them would have been a puzzle blanket if I had seen that pattern. That is quite amazing!!!! Love it!!!!!!!

  4. Both are fantastic! I love all the little bits of color:)

  5. I haven't seen the puzzle pieces pattern before, how fun is that? I love jigsaw puzzles, this is a fun idea!

  6. I love the puzzle blanket, but the sock blanket is great too. So many things, so little time!!

  7. Four squares a day -- that's quite a brisk pace! I love the way it's coming out.

    1. It won't last - I just had nothing better to do those days ;)

  8. I do like the jigsaw blanket. I have never seen one like it before. Fan of knitting and jigsaws!

  9. I love your jigsaw project. Wow!