Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday - It's All About the Socks!

On the Needles
Not one, but TWO pairs of socks. First the No Purl Monkey Socks. I breezed through the leg - this is SUCH an easy and fun pattern! - but now I'm at the heel and it's only my second ever fish-lips-kiss heel, so I have to read the instructions carefully - meaning they've been reassigned from travel knitting to home knitting. I hope to get past the heel over the weekend though.
It's my ambition to actually finish them over the weekend, but we'll see.

The second pair of socks was a testknit I just couldn't resist! I love the braided cable and how it's otherwise quite simple. The pattern is really easy to learn off by heart making for a fast knit as well. I started Saturday morning and am already at the toe decreases :)

Between the Pages
I found myself craving a reread, so this Monday I started the Crystal Singer Omnibus by Anne McCaffrey. I'll probably just read the first novel, but who knows - I may get so caught up in the universe that I end up reading all three. It's happened before ;)


  1. Your socks are very pretty! I've never done a fish-lip-kiss heel, but it looks like an interesting technique.

  2. Loving both pairs of socks. I've never even heard of a fish-lips-kiss heel. After googling it I think I might need to try it.