Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Almost Done!

On the Needles
I supposed to meet my friend last Sunday, so I worked hard to finish the main body of the Terra Linda so I could try it on her... only for her to get sick and cancel at the last minute! Ah well, at least it's almost DONE now! :) I still have the button band to go, but I'll wait and not start knitting that until she's decided whether or not she actually wants buttons (and how many!) Hopefully not too many... I'm not a fan of sewing in buttons ;)

Can't wait to see it blocked - it'll look awesome! :)

I did manage to get started on the second part of Martina Behm's Sleeves though. Almost done with the first cuff, so I can start knitting in the round soon.

Between the Pages
I've just started "Touch of Power" by Maria V. Snyder. ToP is the first book in her "Healer" trilogy. I hadn't even known the series existed until I stumbled across them by accident last week! I'm about half way through and absolutely LOVING it so far. It definitely lives up to the somewhat high expectations I have for her books after having read the "Study" and "Glass" trilogies.

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