Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Meet Jerry

On the Needles
I've been working on a lot of different projects this week. The amount of knitting I get done will probably go down now that I've returned to work, but I've enjoyed it while it lasted :)

The Terra Linda cardigan has seen a lot of progress since you saw it last. I've finished the second sleeve, and am working on the body. The pattern calls for a cropped sweater, but the friend I'm knitting it for would prefer it full length (don't blame her! I can't wear cropped sweaters either), so I still have another 20-25cm to go. Then the button band, and then I'm done! Haven't quite decided whether to actually add buttons to the button band, or just leave it as it is. We'll make that decision when I'm actually there.

I love the texture of the garter ribbing, but it makes for a lot of purling! If I ever am to make this again, I'll probably switch it around so I get to knit the ribbing instead of purling it.

I also managed to meet up with my other friend so I could check out the size of the first sleeve. Turned out that it fit her perfectly, so I could go ahead and knit the lapel and cast off the front! So that's the first third done :)

And finally, when I got tired of the larger projects, I've done some more knitting on my two sock yarn projects. Granted, they're huge projects as well, but each little element is quickly done, so it feels a lot more like instant gratification ;)
The puzzle pieces have turned out to be the perfect travel knitting. I more or less know the pattern off by heart now, so only have to refer to it once in awhile, and each piece takes me just around 40 minutes to knit, which means it fits perfectly with my daily travel! So until I cast on for my next pair of socks, I'm going to aim for one every weekday :)

The sock yarn blanket is also growing, and it is getting increasingly difficult to take pictures of it full length!(Which this isn't, obviously). I absolutely love it, and enjoy seeing it grow. I haven't quite made up my mind how big I want it... it might actually be just about there lengthwise... but fortunately I don't have to decide yet ;)

Off the Needles
Ever since I finished Dave, DH has been making noises that he actually wouldn't mind if I wanted to knit more minions. I wasn't ready to tackle another one of the same size, but then I discovered Kelly Vu's Tiny Minion!

Fast forward 2-3 hours, and Jerry was all done! Isn't he adorable? And Dave loves that he can carry him around like a kangaroo ;)
Very fiddly because of the size and multiple colour changes, but not actually difficult at all :) I may have to make more. You can never have too many minions.

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  1. I am head over heels for your puzzle blanket! Love the mini minion as well!