Sunday, August 17, 2014

Year of Projects, Week 7

... I'm assuming week 7, because last I posted was week 4, and I've skipped two. Such is my immense grasp of math! ;)

Anyway, I actually did surprisingly little knitting while on holiday. I'd expected to be pulling out my socks at every opportunity, but as it turned out, I reverted to my old ways and pulled out a book instead! Old habits die hard I guess.

Even so, I did manage to get enough knitting done that I'm now almost finished with my August socks. They're just plain-vanilla, toe-up and with a fish-lips-kiss heel. I quite like the flk heel for toe-up socks! Less hassle than gusset/heel flap, and fewer ends to weave in than an afterthought heel (which has otherwise been my go-to heel for toe-up. It's not even that hard to learn off by heart. By the second sock (so the fourth heel altogether as this is my second pair of socks with this heel) I had it down :)

Not sure what is up next, but probably something out of Socktopus which I just had to buy while abroad. Such beautiful socks! I pretty much want to knit all of them :) Just as well that I got some really gorgeous sock yarn while abroad as well :)

July Sock (Braided Swirl Socks)
Stashbuster #1 (Dragonfly Elfe)
August Sock (Vanilla Socks)
September Sock
October Sock
Stashbuster #2
November Sock
December Sock
Stashbuster #3
Stashbuster #4
(Stashbuster #5)
(Stashbuster #6)


  1. Great progress on the sock and Lynn always knits the most awesome socks from books that always make you want to do the same.

  2. I've not tried the FLK heel. But, admittedly, I don't do toe-up socks either. I've discovered a gusset decrease I like for cuff-down socks so that may be part of the reason I've not bothered to do toe-up yet. I suppose I'll learn eventually.

  3. Ah Socktopus! Sorry for the temptation! Which pattern are you going to start with? And you do know there's always a Socktopus KAL going on somewhere on Ravelry, right?

    YAY for socks!

    1. Don't worry, I was happy to be tempted. Haven't made up my mind which one to start with though - so many gorgeous ones! And thanks for the hint about the Socktopus KAL!

      YAY indeed :)

  4. Your socks look great - I am CO socks as we speak, also from Socktopus. I am starting with the vanilla, to get my stitch count right!! This was also Lynn that inspired me - about the same time last year - this year I will do it.

  5. Great socks. I really must look up the fish kiss heel. It looks interesting and I stopped doing toe up socks because I never liked the heel.

  6. The socks look great...I have the book, but haven't made anything from it yet...

  7. You go girl! I have so many CO's right now but I still need to start that second sock this week. I have more socks to make and I want to try the toe up and thanks for the tip about the flh. I love the socks you're making right now.

  8. You need to make a new old habit of taking out your knitting. :) Though I know how nice it is to fall into a book and not come out for a while.

  9. Reading, knitting.. As long as you're enjoying :) I'm going to try sock this year too and I hope I can understand more from your story soon! Fish-lips-kisses, gusset/heel flaps and afterthought heels.. not sure what to make of it yet!

  10. I've been the same this holiday. Fairly little knitting, but I enjoyed reading whenever the kids gave me a moment.

    Really like the socks - I've never done a flk before but I'm quite intrigued now.