Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Knitting

I've finished all my Christmas knitting! Not quite early enough for me to be able to participate in the "Grinchalong" hosted by the Knitmoregirls, but plenty early enough for it to have been stress-free just the same :) Still need to weave in the ends, but that's it.

The Princess Hitchhiker for my youngest niece is done and blocking :) It turned out just slightly bigger than expected, but hopefully she'll enjoy being able to wrap herself in it :)
Her favourite colours are pink and brown, so I knit this holding a strand of pink, brown and very light purple yarn together. The yarn used is Grignasco Extrafine (100g/1500m), so three strands held together worked perfectly.

I cast off the Little Pole for my oldest niece yesterday! So here it is in all its unblocked glory:
I decided not to do the pompoms for the belt. I'm not really a fan of pompoms, so I think it looks better without them. It's a bit of a weird construction, but I think it'll work out well. Can't wait to see it on her!

My November socks are going well - albeit a tad late ;) I finished the first one a couple of weeks ago (just forgot to take a photo) and am just over half-way on the second (having completed 7 of the 11 repeats).

However, since it IS December, I've also cast on my December socks. I decided I had been such a good girl with respect to sock-knitting, so I'd go a bit easy on myself for December, and finish up the year with a pair of tube socks for my newest niece. I still have almost 30 grams remaining of the Candy Skein Yummy Fingering in the Rainbow colourway, so there should be plenty for a pair of newborn socks.
I can't get over how cute they are! 28 stitches as compared to my usual 56-66sts! I started out with 32sts 2x2 ribbing, decreased to 28sts and 1x1 ribbing after 5 rounds and will probably switch to plain stockinette at some point... haven't decided exactly when yet.

Year of Projects Progress
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  1. Well done on getting the Christmas knitting done and here's to stress free. Beautiful projects as well that I'm sure will be loved.

  2. They are all gorgeous. I love the socks and I agree, I don't think Little Pole needs pom poms (even though I do like them!). The December socks are already looking fabulous!

  3. Such beautiful yarns...your projects are lovely x

  4. Bravo!!!!!!!!! Christmas knitting completed and now you have time to relax and knit what ever you want for whom ever you want to. Don't forget to make something really nice for yourself. You deserve it.