Monday, December 15, 2014

Year of Projects - Week 24

Quite a bit of progress from last week to today! :-)

As mentioned last week, I finished knitting "Little Pole". I've now also blocked it and weaved in the ends. It's very cute :) I hope my niece will like it.... not to mention, that it will fit!!!

I've also finished the last two pairs of socks!! Well, I still need to kitchener the toe of the last one, but the knitting is done, so I'm going to count it :) That means I managed my goal of 12 pairs of socks in 2014! It was a bit of a push at times though, so I don't think I'll try a similar goal for 2015 ;)

But here they are - in all their glory :)
The January, March and December socks are presents - the rest I'm keeping aaaaaall for myself :D

With those out of the way, I've managed to start my third Stashbuster project - another Elfe. Yes, this is the third Elfe I make in as many years ;) What can I say - I love the pattern, and it's an awesome way to use that gorgeous fingering yarn that's too pretty to use for socks. Besides, in my size it only takes around 100g/400m of each colour, so it's an affordable top :)
I'm only 30-something rows into it, so it still has a long way to go yet. On the other hand, I started it yesterday, so pretty decent progress already :)

July Sock (Braided Swirl Socks)
Stashbuster #1 (Dragonfly Elfe)
August Sock (Vanilla Socks)
September Sock (My Little Cup of Tea)
October Sock (Sunset Scales)
Stashbuster #2 (Little Pole)
November Sock (Spring Forward)
December Sock (Newborn tube socks)
Stashbuster #3 (Bubblegum Elfe)
Stashbuster #4
(Stashbuster #5)
(Stashbuster #6)


  1. What a great array of socks and well done on completing your goal. Little Pole is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing more of Elfe.

  2. Love the sock calender and Little pole is lovely xx