Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Returning to my roots

I've been extraordinarily monogamous in my knitting this past week. The Butterfly Shawl is pretty much all I want to knit, and the further I get into it, the more I start thinking of other colour combinations I want to try! I think my next version will be a multi-coloured version (i.e. where I pick the colours myself, rather than using gradient yarn), but haven't decided yet just how many colours I want to use. But I'm getting ahead of myself - I'd better finish this one first ;) It's the first time I've been THIS eager to try a second (and third... and fourth) version of the same pattern though. And I don't even wear shawls that often!!!
It's getting too large to photograph easily, but I'm really loving it :) It's not mindless knitting, as I have to do a lot of counting, but it's meditative knitting, as it's all just garter, and thus really easy. Perfect TV knitting, as long as I don't have to pay too much attention ;)

It's really not travel knitting though, so of course I also have a pair of vanilla socks on the needles. I'm loving the yarn, and am trying to make these as identical as possible.

And because I really need a new hobby (or rather, an old one back...) I want to get back into doing cross-stitch. It's not quite as satisfying as knitting (or even crocheting), but it serves its own purposes, and I did make some gorgeous projects through the years. When I visited an old friend of mine (who often motivates me to do cross-stitch... this will be the third time she's resurrected my old interest ;) ) she had this awesome embrodiery stand which looked like it made managing larger projects a LOT easier. As I received some money for Christmas, and found it at a reasonable price on Amazon, I decided to go ahead and get one :)
It makes SUCH a difference! 5'ish years ago, when I stopped doing cross-stitch regularly, I'd just started on a table-runner which was pretty much impossible to handle due to the size. I put it on the stand, and voila! Easy-peasy! Of course, my tastes have changed quite a bit in the intervening years, and I no longer care to finish the table-runner, but I do have other things I want to make, so I can always repurpose both thread and linen :)

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  1. That shawl looks really pretty, the contruction looks interesting and the colours you've chosen really highlight it.

    You're doing a great job matching up your socks, I try to get mine to match too lol