Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Both sets of socks have seen significant progress this past week :-) I'm past the heel of the ankle socks (which might not end up being ankle socks after all. I'd only just used half the yarn when I reached the heel, so have quite a bit remaining still), and only need to kitchener the toe of the first Whirlpool sock :)

I still love the colours of the latter yarn. So bright and cheerful!

This past week I cast on for the Film Reel cardigan for one of my nieces. I'm about half-way through the body. The colours don't blend quite as well as I'd hoped they would, but I still really like the way it's turning out. It'll be awfully cute once I get to the pocketses and sleeves :)
Since it's a small size with 5 different colours, it doesn't use much from each skein, so I'm thinking of using the leftovers for a top for myself. The yarn is wonderfully soft, and I'm quite keen on the colours so far.