Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Socks and Slippers

I've been all about the footwear this past week, with progress on no fewer than 4 pairs of socks or slippers.

I finished the February socks with plenty of time to spare :) I'm still debating whether to call them "Green Skies" or "Purple Rainbow" - either way, I love them :)
It's my first attempt at a garter stitch short row heel, and I miscalculated slightly, so the foot is a tad too big. Not enough to matter fortunately, so if only I'd remembered to write down what I did, I might have been able to learn from my mistakes ;)

From too big to too small... I finished the simple garter stitch slippers over the weekend, and discovered that once again my abnormally large big toe foiled my plans! The pattern says to "knit until you reach the little toe and then start toe decreases". Ch!
Ah well. They were quick knits and I actually quite like them despite being too small. I may be able to stretch them a bit when blocking - or I'll find somebody with smaller feet to give them to :) They're 100% cotton so will be nice to use even in summer.

Finally, two works in progress. A pair of ankle socks (knit two at a time, as I don't have much yarn, and want to use every last bit) and my March socks. The challenge for this month is a pair of socks that has been knit fewer than 500 times, so I picked the Whirlpool Socks from "Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn" (115 projects on Ravelry). They're quite fun - it's the first time I've tried a picot edge which turned out to be rather fiddly, but I like the way it looks, so probably worth it :) The original pattern had beads as well, but I decided to leave them out, as I wasn't sure how comfortable that'd be on socks.

The yarn for the latter was bought in New Zealand. I simply couldn't resist the colours :D They're more subdued IRL though... apparently my camera didn't like them much.

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