Wednesday, November 2, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Finally some finished objects...

After a long drought I finally have some FINISHED objects to show you!

I finished my October socks - they were just a plain 3-by-1 rib and SO boring to knit! Definitely not something I'll attempt again anytime soon. I hadn't thought it'd be so bad as I love knitting vanilla (=plain stockinette) socks, but there you have it... Ah well, they're done and currently winging their way to the US. Hopefully the recipient will like them.

I've also finished the scarf for Liz! Actually it turned out more like a stole... I got less bored with knitting it as I went along. The colours are gorgeous, and I just loved seeing it grow. Still not a huge fan of knitting scarves, but gorgeous glittering self-striping yarn certainly helps! :)

And now I'm DONE with obligation knitting for the time being... well, sort of... I do still have my November socks, but I'm totally in love with both the yarn and the pattern for those, so I don't see that being a hardship at all :-) They'll make an awesome Christmas present for my sister-in-law (who recently mentioned that the other pair of socks I knit her were her very favourite socks ever... that kind of compliment gets you another pair of socks! :) )

Finally I've done what I always do when I'm FINALLY done with some obligation knitting that almost turned into a chore and picked my Cozy Memories blanket back up. It's actually big enough now, that I can fall asleep under it. Still want to add a few more rows though :) I love it - it's definitely my guilty pleasure knitting. Won't finish it this year - possibly not even next - but a deadline of 2018 should be doable ;)

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  1. I feel you - I haven't had a FO in a while, and the things I'm knitting have been really blah and not worth posting.