Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Lots of FOs

I finished my Paradise Cardigan! Weeeee!!! And I love it! The colours really work together and suit me exactly as well as I'd hoped when I started knitting it. As usual with such a heavy garment, it grew quite a bit while blocking. I don't think it too bad... and probably actually not very noticable unless I button it up, which I'm not very likely to do anyway (I hardly ever wear my cardigans closed). The only problem is, we're having unseasonably warm weather (not that I'm about to complain!), so it's actually too warm to wear! I'm sure that'll change soon enough though.

Still need to weave in a bazillion ends, so I'll try to get a better photo once I've done that. I also need to buy backing ribbon and buttons for it. I usually don't bother with the ribbon, but I think this one might need it in order for the button bands not to sag... Let's see how long I go about procrastinating on that!

Last I saw Isabella, she told me she'd misplaced one of the mitts I knit her 3 years ago (I'm impressed it didn't happen until now!) and sweetly asked if I'd knit her a new one. She specifically said I only had to knit one, as she still had the other one, but considering how old and obviously well-used it is, I decided to just knit her the pair :)
It's a really quick knit - they were all done in ~3hrs.

I'm still working on my Christmas socks. I've finished one, and am just past the ribbing on the other.

Finally, Mixi asked if I'd knit some more tube socks for Nora. As I needed some mindless knitting for a meeting last Thursday anyway, I got right on that and have finished the first one there too.

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