Wednesday, January 3, 2018

WIP Wednesday - Week 1

I've been taking a break from WIP posts during Christmas, which means I have a whole bunch of stuff to show off now :-)

All WIPs from last post have seen quite significant progress. I finally finished the second crocheted pig just before New Years, and it turned out just as cute as the other ones :-D. I can't wait to give it to Jordan!

I'm ALMOST done with the body of Peter's cardigan. I had him try it on at Christmas, and I only need another 10cm or so... and then of course the sleeves. It is MUCH too big for me (obviously), but fits him quite well.

Haven't done any knitting on that since Christmas though, as I wanted to get a proper start on the cardigan I'm making Morfar (my maternal grandfather). It's the Jones cardigan by Tincanknits, and I really love the way it's knitting up. It takes FOREVER though because of all the moss stitch - there are no rest rows!

Finally I've been working on Christian's socks. As they're my purse knitting and I brought them along for both Christmas and New Years they've seen quite a bit of progress as well, and I'm almost at the toe decreases of the second sock. I have another week and a bit to finish these, so there's absolutely no stress there. With as little as I'm missing, I'll probably finish later today or tomorrow.

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