Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WIP Wednesday - Week 3

First, a finished object! I finished Christian's socks shortly after last WIP post as expected and gave them to him this past Monday. Fortunately they fit, and he's been wearing them ever since! I think I may need to start a new pair for him right away ;-)

Once I finished those, I've been diligently knitting on the cardigan for Morfar. It's slow-going due to all rows being pattern rows, but it's turning out just gorgeous and the yarn is lovely to work with, so I don't mind too much :) Still have quite a ways to go, but I've finished the left front and have just started on the back.

But despite all the gift-knitting I have on my needles, this past weekend I was craving a new cast on, and as I'd just bought some new needles (wanted to try some ChiaoGoos as KnitPro tips are selling out and I needed a replacement) I caved and cast on for the Snowmelt shawl. I've just finished the first clue and love the way it's knitting up. It's a very enjoyable knit and the yarn (a cotton-acrylic blend) is a lot softer to work with than I had expected, despite being a bit splitty.

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