Wednesday, February 21, 2018

WIP Wednesday - Week 8

I haven't posted one of these in AGES and therefore have quite a number of things to show off for once!

A few weeks ago, I went to a charity knitting event at church where we knitted headbands for homeless in Copenhagen. In 2 hours I finished a plain garter headband out of some deliciously soft merino yarn. Hope it was well received :-)

At that event one of the others was wearing some amazing knitted slippers which made me feel like making a pair for myself. I decided to cast on the seamless slippers I've made a few times before as they really are incredibly fast knits - just a few hours per slipper. Funnily enough, just like the previous 3 times I knit these slippers, a friend of mine spotted them as I had finished the first one, tried them on and immediately asked if I would knit her a pair too. In the end, I just gave her the ones I was knitting as they fit her better than they did me anyway ;-) So that's the fourth pair knitted and every one of them passed on to somebody else! :-D

Apart from that I've been busily working on the cardigan for Morfar. I'm still missing 2/3 of one sleeve and then the button band. Gotta be honest - I'm ready for this cardigan do be done! I still really like it, but it's slow-going and I have so many other things I want to cast on, but can't because I feel an obligation to finish this ASAP.... That sounds more negative than I mean it - I AM enjoying the knit, and love the way it's turning out. Just want to finish it already :-P

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  1. I love the slipper story - you'll find yourself surrounded by toasty toes in no time. I think my Mom used to knit very similar slippers :)