Friday, October 12, 2012

$5 Paris KAL

I'm loving the $5 Paris KAL I'm doing together with Pandabearofdoom. It's turning out to be such a pleasant knit, I'm enjoying it much more than I had expected. Unfortunately I can see the effects of knitting tired - yesterday I had to rip out two rounds of one sleeve because I had turned it the wrong way around so was purling instead of knitting, and today I had to rip out another two rounds because I had started the ribbing one round too early, and it just looked... strange! Ah well, I'm getting there, and at least I now fear ripping back and fixing mistakes much less than I used to.

I'm about halfway done with the body, but decided to finish the sleeves before I went any further. I want to make it longer than the pattern calls for (I like tunica-like tops), and need to know how much yarn I have available. I'm glad I decided to do it this way, because the sleeves are a LOT more fiddly than the main body, so it'll be nice to have them over and done with. The rest will be a breeze once the sleeves are done.

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