Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP Wednesday - KAL

I've only been working on two WIPs this past week. I was supposed to work on the Haruni at the knitting circle Sunday (majorly cozy BtW. I can't remember when I've last laughed so much and had such a great time together with people I know so little ;) ), but managed to leave the chart part of the pattern behind!!!! Yeah, well done there, myself!

Fortunately I had brought my gloves along in case I got tired with the Haruni, or needed something simpler, so I wasn't left without a project entirely and got quite a bit done on the left glove. Good thing too, I'll need them soon! I'll bring them along to Bible study on Thursday and hope to get more done there - perhaps even finish?

But the project that stole both my soul and all my free time this past week has been the $5 in Paris KAL. I honestly don't think I've opened a book since Saturday because I just want to knit this all the time! And anybody who knows me will know how much that is saying! The yarn is a tad on the itchy side, but I think it will be okay, and I adore the way it looks! If this keeps up, I'll have it done in no time!


  1. Forgetting a chart? That sounds exactly like something I'd do.
    Your $5 in Paris looks fab!

    1. Thanks! I'm REALLY happy with how it looks myself :)

  2. Gorgeous! No wonder you can't stop knitting! :)