Friday, July 12, 2013

FO Friday - Bungay Shawlette

Another FO I've been looking so much forward to showing you! I found this project while looking through test-knits on Ravelry, and knew that I just HAD to make it. It was the perfect match for the lovely Merino yarn I had bought in Stockholm :)

Wish I wore shawls more often. I LOVE this!

Close-up of the details

This was yet another project where blocking made a HUGE difference! It went from 53x56cm to 66x97cm! The only problem with such efficient blocking is that it also reeeeally highlights all the mistakes I made along the way ;)

Spot the missed yarn-over ;)

Pattern: Bungay Shawlette
Yarn: Araucania Botany Lace
Modifications: None - test-knit :)


  1. Wow, what a great yarn! I love these colour shades! But the shawl pattern is really, really pretty too! Mistakes? Who count mistakes? You did a great job. Have a beautyful weekend. Sabine.

  2. What a beauty! Love the details, a really very pretty shawl.

  3. So very pretty, and that yarn is awesome!

  4. Very pretty, love how vibrant the colours are. The good thing about mistakes in lace is most often only the knitter knows they are there.

  5. Even knitters can't always spot mistakes :) I suppose if I looked for it long enough and was a bit more familiar with the pattern, I *might* find the mistake.

    As it stands, I didn't see it. And it's gorgeous :)

  6. How lovely - makes me think of all the stunning colours you see looking through a kaleidoscope :)

  7. That missed yarn-over is what makes it unique...a one of a kind. Your shawl is gorgeous!!

  8. Beautiful. I wouldn't have thought to use such a variegated yarn with such a lacy project but the two work together perfectly. Gorgeous!