Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Knitting vs Reading

As a devout bookworm, I'm actually not surprised that I've taken to knitting with the kind of passion and enthusiasm that I have. The two hobbies have turned out to be a lot more similar than they might appear at first sight, and they both appeal to the same aspects of who I am.

Reading is, at heart, a solitary activity...
... And so is knitting. Granted, at the latest WWKIP day I saw 5 or 7 people knit the same piece thanks to circular needles and knitting in the round, but that is definitely the exception rather than the rule.

Reading is sometimes meditative in nature...
... And so is knitting. It's one of the few things that can keep my hands busy and occupy my mind at the same time. That's not to say I don't enjoy listening to music or watching a movie at the same time, but it's not absolutely necessary.

While a solitary experience, reading can be turned into a social event...
... Whether through Readalongs, knitalongs, Dewey's Readathon or WWKIP days, reading and knitting can turn into social events.

Reading can be shared with others...
... I love reading aloud to my nieblings, and - as it turns out - I love knitting stuff for them too! Of course it helps that they're so happy with everything I knit for them - just makes me want to do more! :-)

Reading is time-consuming and requires sticktoit'iveness...
... I don't think this one needs any further explanation.

I always have several books on the go at once - each for different situations or moods...
... And apparently the same goes for my knitting WIPs as well. I currently have around 5 WIPs on the go

I get kind of obsessed with sorting my books on Goodreads...
... And likewise slightly obsessed with sorting my stash and projects on Ravelry.

My to-read list contains more books than I can hope to read in my lifetime...
... My ravelry library contains more pattens than I can hope to knit in my lifetime.

My to-read-soon list (there's a difference ;-) ) contains enough books for 2-3 years.
... My ravelry queue contains enough items for 2-3 years.

I keep buying books even though I have an entire bookcase of ones not yet read.
... I keep buying yarn even though I have an entire shoe rack of skeins not yet used.

I am definitely not one for retail therapy, except when it comes to books.
... And - as this past year has suddenly shown me - when it comes to yarn.

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