Friday, July 19, 2013

FO Friday - Llama mittens

A quick FO this week. The Llama mittens I started last weekend are now DONE! I really enjoyed this project - they were knit in DK weight, so moved at a very rapid pace. Without having timed it exactly, I think each glove took me 4-5 hours to knit up - and I'm a slow purler!

They were knit in the flat to allow for the colourwork - I prefer knitting in the round (see above ;) ), but it made sense in this case. And fortunately seeming up such small projects isn't too much of a hassle ;)
Alterations: The tops of both the thumbs and of the mittens themselves were supposed to be cast off and then sewn together. I decided to close both off with a Kitchener stitch instead - I think that gives a more polished finish :)


  1. They're darling! The llama shape is so clear and perfect!

    1. Thank you :) I knitted these for a friend of mine and am really happy they turned out so well.

  2. Those are fantastic! Llama love!

  3. These are so cute!!