Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Bungay Shawlette

I'm on vacation, yay! :-) That meant that this lovely thing almost didn't get to make it to a WIP post. I started it last Wednesday, and am now half-way through the edging. Took me awhile, but now that I've learned the pattern off by heart it knits up nice and quickly, and I just love the way it's turning out.
The yarn is a skein of 100% Merino that I bought in Stockholm, and which has been waiting for the perfect project. This fits the bill nicely - I just love the way the colours are pooling :)

I've also returned to my 80s sweater after a slight hiatus. Not much to show on the second sleeve yet, but at least it's the second sleeve, and once this is knitted up, I'm all done but for the seaming :-)
I'm a bit worried about the weight of the sweater though. The pattern called for DK/Worsted weight yarn... that does make for a sort of heavy sweater. Ah well, it might not be that big a deal once it's done :-)


  1. Gorgeous! That yarn is so perfect for that shawl.

  2. Shawlette is looking good. wonder if it will be done when you get back from vacation?