Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Lots of stuff!

I have a whole bunch of stuff on the needles this week :)

If I had stayed monogamous this first one would never have made it to a WIP Wednesday post - I only have a couple of hours left to go on it. But monogamous I am not, so here it is :)

My best friend's brother and his wife are having a baby next month :) When I saw my friend last, I asked her if she thought he'd mind if I sent him something for the baby, or if it would be weird. "Not at all!" she replied. "He still thinks of you as his Danish sister!". Awesome! Of course, with that response I HAD to knit the baby a present, and was happy to find this absolutely adorable cardigan on Ravelry
Just missing the second sleeve and then two icords. The original pattern closes the cardi with a button at the neck, but I wasn't too sure about that, so after consulting with my mother, I decided to go with two icords around the middle of the chest instead, so it can be closed without strangling the baby.

I'm still plugging ahead on the Terra Linda cardigan as well. I'm about to start the lace chart now, so have put it side for a bit until I have a quiet evening to work on that.
(This time with a bookmark next to it for scale ;) )
Unfortunately I discovered I made a mistake 9 rows down where I decreased and increased the wrong way!
I did a lot of thinking, but I've decided to leave it as it is. It's small enough that I don't think people will notice... and if they do, they might think it's on purpose. In Denmark we have a saying "Nobody will notice when the music is playing" - and that's what I'm counting on here :)

Finally I've decided to join Knitmoregirls' #operationsockdrawer and the Must Stash girls' Month of Socks and have cast on the no-purl version of the Monkey socks. The pattern is very easily memorized and makes for excellent travel-knitting.
I may substitute the heel flap for a short row heel though - I want to try something new.


  1. Wow pretty projects and the socks ! Beautiful. First off the baby cardigan is perfect. Pretty yarn, simple pattern and it looks like a quick knit. I have to admit I don't know the Terra Linda cardi but it looks nice and I will check the pattern out on Ravelry as soon as I leave your blog. Really nice projects.

  2. All very beautiful projects! If it makes you feel any better about your mistake, I looked carefully, and while I think I see it I'm really not 100% sure. So it is at least hard to find if you do know about it.

  3. What yarn are you using for the socks? They're terrific!

  4. Wow! gorgeous projects and I love the socks!! The color of the socks is just so pretty :)