Thursday, May 29, 2014

FO Fridays - Baby Bluebell

I finished this Cardigan last Saturday. Sunday my friend's daughter was born! Talk about perfect timing :) Of course, it still has to wing its way to New Zealand, but I sent it off within 24 hours of getting the birth announcement, so I think I'm good ;)
Very adorable, and definitely something I'll knit again, although it bugs me that plain stockinette cardigans like this make it so obvious that my tension is a lot more even when I knit in the round (the sleeves) than when I knit back and forth (the rest of the cardi). Blocking evened it out a little, but I still think it's very noticeable.
Pattern: Bluebell Cardigan
Yarn: Some generic supermarket brand - 100% acrylic, but machine washable, which is a must for baby clothes, and lovely soft to the touch :)
Mods: The original pattern called for a button at the neckline. I substituted for a crocheted chain at chest-level for tying it shut instead.


  1. When someone says, "perfect timing" I believe what happened with your cardigan is exactly what that means!
    It is very cute. I hope mommy and baby love it!