Sunday, July 27, 2014

Year of Projects - Week 4

I finished my first stashbuster project!!! Tuesday afternoon I realized I only had another 2-3 hours to go on the Elfe, so decided to just go for it and finish up! I'm so glad I did, because I absolutely ADORE the end result. It surpassed my wildest imagination. I couldn't be happier with the colours (even if there was a weird form of pooling near the end) and I'm really glad I decided to go from purple to green instead of the other way - I think it'll look so much better on me this way.
I've blocked it gently (mostly just to get the edges to stop rolling) and now just have to stay patient until it's actually cool enough to wear it! I'd hoped to bring it along on vacation with me, but I'm not entirely sure that 30C and a 80/20 Merino/Nylon blend go together all that well ;) Perhaps I can at least wear it on the flight! :)

But I love it - fantastic colours, fantastic yarn and this pattern is SUCH an easy, yet extremely flattering, knit :)

But with this done, I needed a new pattern for travel knitting, so cast on my August socks a week earlier than expected! Just simple vanilla toe-up socks this time. I considered a simple pattern (e.g. the Skyp socks), but realized that the self-striping yarn was so detailed in its own right that I thought it would be doing both yarn and pattern a disservice to attempt anything other than just plain vanilla. Besides, my main reason for wanting a pair of toe-up socks was to check out how the fish-lips-kiss heel works for those, and for that vanilla socks will do just fine :) It's my goal to eventually learn this heel off by heart, so I won't have to refer to the pattern all the time.
The only problem right now is that I'm not altogether sure what I think of the yarn. It looked awesome in the skein, but I think I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I'm actually not that keen on self-striping yarn... Apparently I prefer semi-solid when it comes to knitting socks (or perhaps completely varigated... haven't tried that yet.)

Never mind, I'm still learning :)

Haven't yet decided what my next stashbusting project will be - first I have two cardigans to knit for friends of mine... that'll keep me plenty occupied for a couple of months yet!

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  1. What a fantastic sweater!! I also love your sock. I actually like self striping for socks (vanilla ones) and love solids for lace and cables. I am not as much a fan of the variegated though...

  2. I love how Elfe turned out and it's lovely to be ahead on things, hopefully the sock yarn will grow on you and the heel becomes memorable, enjoy the holiday.

  3. Great elfie sweater. I agree, the purple is very flattering to your face but the green will make it very versatile to wear with many colors. I love your yarn for the sock. Haven't tried the fish kiss heel and will wait to see how you like it on toe up. I love doing toe up but haven't found a heel yet that I really care for so have been doing cuff down because of it. Would prefer two at a time magic loop though. Then both socks are done at the same time.

    1. Thank you! I think purple (dark blues in general) tend to look good on me, which is why I went for having the purple close to my face instead of the other way around. I hadn't thought about the green making it more versatile, but I think you're right!

      I've finished the first sock, and actually really like the heel for toe-up socks! It's a tad big, but that's my own fault for knitting past the starting point of the heel and being too lazy to rip back ;)

      Haven't tried two at a time yet - that may be my next vanilla sock challenge!

  4. Mmm Elfe is gorgeous and the colours look great on you. I like the stripes and hope the heel goes well.

  5. It's great how you had enough yarn to knit this fun top. I can totally see it paired with dark skinnies and boots for the fall. The sock colorway is great for fall and winter.

  6. I really like the yarn you are using for your August socks...they are fall coloured and they are some of my favourite colours. Your Elfe is awesome... well done x

  7. If you're going somewhere with lots of AC the sweater would work. It's gorgeous and it looks like it fits perfectly. You were so right to have the purple near the neckline; it's very flattering on you.

    As for your sock, I like that self-patterning kind of yarn for a vanilla sock. But when I'm knitting something more detailed then tonal or kettle-dyed is definitely the way to go. At least that's my opinion :)

    1. Thank you! I finally got to wear it yesterday, and it is SO nice and soft against the skin. I'm slightly worried this means it's not terribly durable, but I'll just love it as long as it lasts.

      BTW - I blame you! I stumbled across "Socktopus" while in New York and just HAD to get it. It's all your fault ;)

  8. I agree with (minding my own stitches). The sweater is awesome and the sock yarn,well... It makes me drool. I live that kind for vanilla socks.

  9. Congrats on the top, it looks great....and I love the way the socks are striping....

  10. Your sweater turned out beautiful and looks lovely on you. I have not tried toe-up socks but want to and also self-striping. I like the one you're doing. What a friend you are to make sweaters for others! LOL! Have a great vacation.

  11. Stunning sweater! It looks fabulous on you! And the new socks are exciting! Can't wait to see them finished.

  12. The Elfe is absolutely stunning and suits you really well. Fabulous stuff.