Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Knit all the things!

Feels like I've gotten a lot of knitting done this past week, so let's see what it amounts too now that I actually sit down to write it all up.

First of all I've been working on the Seabrook Vest for my sister. It's slooooow going because of all the seed stitch, but I've just finished the first armhole now, so it's coming along nicely. I'm aiming to finish this by the time I see Nina next, which should be end July.

I've also been working on my Adjoin socks, and have just reached the heel of the second one. Still love the yarn, the pattern and the needles (my first Addi Turbo needles - won't be the last!), so I don't see these being WIPs much longer.

Sunday I started on a pair of One Step Ahead slippers for my best friend :) A friend of mine had posted a link with these slippers to my Facebook page, and Liz commented, saying she wished she could knit, as she'd love a pair. Naturally I offered to knit them for her :) They'll make lovely hostess gifts come November ;) And it's a sign of my love for her, that despite SO many of the projects on Ravelry compaining about the pattern, I never hesitated, but sat down to knit them for her straight away ;) And you know what? They were easy! Simplest DROPS pattern yet! Not entirely sure what all those other knitters were complaining about - but of course, the pattern may have been modified since they knit theirs.

Anyway, I finished the knitting of the first one yesterday, and got it all seamed up this morning, so now it's all done but for the buttons. I'll have to go shopping for those soon.

I've started a new crochet project... as you do, when you already have 5 other things on the needles ;) My niece asked if I'd make her a snail, so of course I had to cast that on. Not very far yet though, but at least I've started!

And finally, I have another FO :D Yes, I've been stocking them up, so I could finish all the things for StashDash. This is the Avery Pullover by Nikki Van de Car. I absolutely LOVE the yarn! It is so amazingly soft :) And since this was my second time knitting with it, I knew exactly how much it stretched when wet, so could plan accordingly :) I don't have any special plans for the pullover though. It's size 2-3T, so a lot too big for all the new babies in my family, so I may put it aside for later, or I may just give it to somebody else. We'll see.