Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Wohoo! Done!

I finished Nina's vest!!! Woohoo :) Friday I realized I only had another 20 rows to go, so I decided to just buckle down and finish it :) 1.5 podcasts later, and I was all done! Weaving in the ends turned out to be a challenge though - since the stitches are so open I couldn't find any way to do an invisible weave... even my trusty duplicate stitch BO showed up really blatantly. In the end I just tied the ends together with tight knots and hoped for the best :-P It should be fine, but I should probably warn Nina to use a laundry bag just in case ;)
I see her on Friday, so can hand it over there. Hope she'll like it :-)

But apart from a bit of commute knitting on my socks (too little to show off), I've been pretty much monogamous ever since, which means that the Nostalgia Shawl is coming along very nicely! The yarn (Colour Adventure Dia Light) is SO amazingly soft and squishy that I want to knit nothing else! Still not sure about the colour combination, but it's growing on me, so I think it'll be fine. And the yarn is so yummy that I'll willing to forgive it just about anything ;) Definitely not the last time I've bought yarn from Anadiomena!

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  1. Your shawl is looking lovely in bright coloured yarn. I'm visiting from Stitch Along Wednesday.