Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Musical Score

Life intervened and I ended up not getting nearly as much knitting done this past week as I had expected to or hoped to. My goal was 80 rows a week - this past week I made only 40! That means I now have another 60 rows to go, and at 5 minutes per row that translates to an even 5 hours. I hope to be finished within the next week which is completely doable, as long as I don't find myself getting sidetracked again ;)

But it is now too big for me to take photos of it at full length by myself! Once I'm done I'll have to get my DH to help me take some.

Still don't know what I'll use it for once I'm done. It's kinda too long for a scarf by now... A table-runner perhaps? Or to hang up on the wall over our piano?


  1. wow that is beautiful, such a gorgeous piece. Have a creative Wednesday xx

  2. great work, it will make a good wall hanging

  3. I think you should hang it on the wall - it deserves to be admired by all!

  4. Amazing project!!

    Here's my WIP:

  5. Love it. Is it a specific song or just notes that looks nice the way they are arranged?

    1. It's a specific song - the "So-Do-La-Fa..." part of "Do-Re-Me" from The Sound of Music.