Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Cables and Stockinette Stitch

Same two WIPs as last week, because while I have also been working on the surprise for my husband it's too far along to show photos of (on the off-chance that he'll see this), but not far enough along that I'm ready to give it to him any time soon. The really curious Ravelers can check out my progress there though ;)

That aside, I absolutely LOVE working on the two sweaters that are currently on my needles! If you're reluctant to start knitting a sweater because you're afraid it'll be too difficult or too time-consuming - don't be. Of course there ARE sweaters that are both difficult and time-consuming, but there are also SO many that aren't. Find one that's knit in the round, and preferably top-down, and you will see that they're much faster and easier than many of those elaborate shawls you've been making ;)

The Botecelli Blue is coming along swimmingly. I wish I could have figured out how to adapt it for knitting in the round, because I'm a slow purler, but then I would have had to knit the top-front and top-back back-and-forth anyway, which would have made for an interesting change in tension, so actually it's probably just as well.
I've just finished row 114 of the back, which is the last row before casting on for the bat-sleeves, so now I have to put it on hold (or start on the front) while I make the calculations necessary for my different gauge. I absolutely LOVE the colour! It's going to be just PERFECT for my sister.

While getting properly started on the Botecelli Blue, I put the Red Chocolate Passion on the back burner for awhile. I think I was getting psyched out and making it a much bigger deal in my mind that it really ought to be, because once I picked it back up, I was - once again - surprised by how difficult this pattern really isn't. It looks a LOT more complicated than it is. Of course, now I've reached the point where I have to do three things at once - one every row, one every second row and one every fifth row - so it's once again been delegated to "at home"-knitting, rather than "on the go"-knitting.
I still love it though. It might not look like much, but I'm half-way through the back piece. I'm REALLY eager to see how this thing turns out - the colour is just gorgeous. I'm slightly worried about the final seaming though, as that looks extremely elaborate, but I guess I'll wait and cross that bridge once I get to it. Like the rest of this pattern, it may end up being a lot easier than it sounds.

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  1. Both are very beautiful pattern choices in gorgeous colors! Good progress.