Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Two Backs Almost Completed

Every time I pick up Chocolate Passion I'm surprised by how quick a knit it is! Because it certainly doesn't look that way when looking at neither the photos nor the chart, but the cables make sense so after awhile you hardly don't need to chart any longer other than for a vague guidance, and the thicker yarn means less rows per cm ;)

So despite only having worked on this for two days since last WIP post, I've now finished the back! Granted, I did work on this pretty exclusively both Saturday and Sunday ;) It helped that we had the friend I'm making this for over for a movie night Saturday, and she's used to me knitting while we watch TV together... might as well knit something that's actually for her!

I haven't cast on for the next piece yet though. I haven't had much knitting time at home so far this week, and for an "on the go" piece, the Boticelli is much more suitable. I've been bringing it along to work every day to knit while commuting (when the number of people in the trains allow it), and am about halfway with the sleeves. Another 40-50 rows and I'll be able to bind the back off here as well!

It was a bit nervewrecking to redo the pattern for a different gauge and I keep thinking that the body looks too long for the sleeves, but a) I still need to knit the cuffs of the sleeves afterwards, so they will grow another 10cm or so in length. And b) I keep checking the measurements against the original pattern (having calculated the row-cm ratio for both gauges) and it fits perfectly! So I guess I'm fine :) I see my sister next for the last weekend of September so I can measure it against her there :)


  1. The cables are really pretty! I can't wait to see it finished! And anything that knits up quickly is good in my book :-) I love the blue in the second picture as well.

    1. Thanks! Neither can I :) It's going to be stunning!

  2. Wow those cables are really lovely! Its going to be gorgeous when its finished!