Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Short Row Challenge!

Not much progress on the individual projects, but on the other hand a little progress on each... not to mention that I had a sneak-attack by a new WIP that I just HAD to knit ;)

To start with the sneak-attack. I'm a huge sucker for thick, cozy socks and these super-bulky socks from KnitFreedom fit the bill perfectly - especially as I already had the yarn for it! I just HAD to knit them. Unfortunately my ardor diminished somewhat when I finished the first one and discovered it was about 5 sizes too big... I frogged it down to just before the gusset and tried again... only to discover that apparently I just cannot read, and somehow misread "28 stitches total" for "28 stitches on the bottom needle" - yeah... HUGE difference. By that time I had already reached 22 stitches on the bottom needle and really didn't feel like frogging AGAIN, so I fubbed my way through it by trying it out constantly. As a result I ended up with a sock that fit me perfectly... and that I have no idea whether I'll be able to deconstruct to replicate for the second sock!
However, not counting the frogging/re-knitting it only took me about 3-4 hours to knit, so I really just need to get my A in G and finish up the second one as well. Love the yarn, love the colour :)

Next up, the Boticelli. I've cast on for the front, but have only just made it past the first increase - this one will show up on quite a few WIP Wednesdays yet. It's so soft!!!! :)

And finally, the Chocolate Passion. This has seen some significant progress - not so much in quantity, but I've made it past the big hurdle of reading and understanding the short rows!! Woohoo - go me ;-)
I'm starting to understand why the pattern has been written the way it has - there really is no simple way of explaining "you have to continue knitting each section in pattern, but because of the short rows, the chart will no longer match up to what you're actually knitting, so keep your head on straight!!!" I still think they could have improved matters by better formatting, but the wording itself I understand now... after being REALLY worried for awhile if I was doing it all wrong!

I did make one error though... and only noticed too late for me to want to go back and correct it. I accidentally crossed one of the cables the wrong way just as I was starting on the short rows -- like I said, gotta keep your head on straight! Now I'm wondering whether to replicate the error on the left side to keep them symmetrical, or just hope nobody notices ;)

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  1. I LOVE your sock! Hope you're able to recreate it for the second one