Friday, September 27, 2013

FO Friday - Super Chunky Socks

Finally another FO Friday post! :) I managed to replicate my weird adaptions to the super-chunky sock, and finished the last one on Monday :) After I'd finished I realized it looked like one was a round or two shorter than the other, but they're just for puttering around with in the house anyway, so nobody but me will notice ;)

I think they're super-cool, and will definitely be making more of this pattern... possibly next time actually sticking to the pattern rather than misreading and being too lazy to rip back, so adapting instead ;) I hadn't tried knitting with such thick yarn before - it was kind of a weird feeling, but the socks knit up really fast (think the second one took me less than 3 hours), so I'm all for it :)

Pattern: Super-Bulky Socks by KnitFreedom
Yarn: Katia Fabula - 100% merino
Adaptions: MANY due to a misread. I accidentally increased to 22sts rather than just 16sts in the guesset and had to adjust the heel accordingly. I think it turned out well though :)


  1. Super chunky socks! I must try these.

  2. Oh wow, these socks look very cosy! Well done! :-)

  3. The colour is gorgeous and I love the super chunky yarn. Two socks still seems overly daunting to me so well done!

  4. Oh wow those look cozy! Lovely.

  5. what cosy looking socks, and they're purple, what's not to love?

  6. a sock in 3 hours? sign me up!!! These look great.

    1. Actually my second pair was even faster to make! 5 hours total I think :)

  7. Adorable and thanks to You I will be making these very soon !