Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Same Old, Same Old

I fear you guys are going to tired of seeing photos of these sweaters waaay before I finish them!

A bit of progress has been made on both again this week. Not much to say about them, as it really is starting to be "same old, same old".

Doesn't look like much progress has been made on my sister's sweater, but I've actually managed to knit almost 30 rows, which puts me at just about 25% of the front done. I get to see her this weekend, so I can see how the back measures up against her.

I've finished the short rows on the right edging of the Red Chocolate.
I brought it to show my friend last Saturday, and she couldn't spot the error even when I told her which part of the pattern it was in. When I finally just pointed it out to her, her reaction was, "Oh! I thought that was on purpose! Yeah, definitely just replicate it for the other side - I love it :)" So now we've agreed that her sweater will have a design error a'la Maria ;-)


  1. There are no errors in crafting, just happy accidents along the way! I just love the colour of the Red Chocolate.

  2. It's what makes this sweater so unique! :)

  3. Ooh, love the Red Chocolate, looking super!
    Marigolds' Loft

  4. Both are beautiful!

  5. Love both projects and errors...? My cousin said recently, your errors are visible only to yourself no one else understands what you're talking about. That is sweet of her to say, but I think it count for many crafters.

  6. aw shame with the error, I think making it into a design feature is a good idea. Love the bright red colour :)

  7. They look great. I love watching people's sweaters come together because I don't have the patience to knit one.

  8. Lovely projects!

    Here'e my WIP: