Tuesday, November 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Falling in Love

Red Chocolate
I finished the first sleeve!!! Wooo :) Compared to the two other parts of the sweater it just flew past! Probably because there were no cables here ;) So another two parts left to knit, and I'm ready to start seaming!
I'm getting kinda worried about the seaming though - I can't quite figure out how the different parts are supposed to go together, and don't think the drawings in the pattern are altogether clear. I'm hoping it'll all come together once I have all parts though - everything else in this pattern has! And if not, I have a mischievious plan of inviting my friend and my Mum over for dinner one day, so my friend can model and my mum can help me figure out the seaming! I've talked to my friend about it already, but this is the first Mum hears about it... Hi Mum!!! :)

Candy Affection
And here's the main reason why I've only finished the one sleeve and haven't even cast on to anything else. I started the Color Affection just over a week ago, and I love it, love it, love it! Love the yarn (Candy Skein and Madelinetosh), love the colours and love how everything works together. The only thing I don't love is that each row is now 400+ stitches long and takes forever to knit ;)
I'm kinda surprised by the amount of yarn I've used so far though. The pattern calls for just over 350 meters of each colour. I'm done with MC and C1 and only used 260 meters of MC and a mere 194 meters of C1!!! Not too sure about C2 yet. Had I known this in advance I think I would have made the shawl larger. Now I'm wondering whether to use the remains of C1 (Candy Skein Savory Fingering in the Rainbow Fruit Chews colourway) for another Color Affection, or see how much I have left of the two other colours and make a matching hat for this one!!! I think I'm currently leaning towards the latter, but we'll see :)

(I keep having to correct my own spelling! I've learned British spelling so colour... but this is an American pattern so the name is Color... I keep adding the "U" and then have to go back and correct myself.)

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