Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday - More Sleeves!

The Red Chocolate is still coming along nicely. Getting tired of seeing in these posts yet? I know I'd be happy to post it in a FO Friday post sometime soon ;) Probably won't happen on this side of Christmas, but I'm starting to believe it might be in January :)
I'm about 20-25% through the second sleeve, and as it's just plain stockinette it should fly off my needles quickly enough. The biggest problem is that I have to increase every 3cm, so I keep having to measure it all the time. I sort of know how many rows make 3cm, but it's not a whole number, so I keep having to fudge it a bit. But it's growing, and that's the important thing :)

I've also had some time to get back on working on my Honey Cowl. I love the colours and the way they work together, but while the yarn (Vinnis Colours Serena - 100% bamboo) is gorgeous and lovely soft to work with, it's not very tightly wound and Just. Keeps. Splitting!!! So it's not quite as mindless knitting as I would have liked.
I still enjoy the way it's turning out though. It's going to be GORGEOUS once it's finished :) I'm just under half-way. I've only used half of each skein, so I need to track back through the colours again.


  1. Looks gorgeous! I am gearing up to do a sweater project soon, and I'm anticipating getting sick of it too!