Friday, April 11, 2014

FO Friday: Meet... What's-His-Name

I finally finished my "secret project"!!! DH has been SO good with accepting my new obsession hobby, so I wanted to make him something to show my appreciation. I couldn't really figure out what it should be though, until I happened to come across Kimberly Golynskiy's Minions! (Thanks to Tami's Amis :) ) DH and I both ADORE the Minions and I immediately knew I had to make him one of these.

The body itself is a quick knit - knit in the round, just a few increases and decreases to shape the body and Bob's your uncle - but the charm is in the details, and especially the hands and eyes took forever. Not to mention the double stitching of the overalls and mouth. It was my first attempt at double stitching, and I'm rather satisfied with how it turned out :)
He's as of yet unnamed, but Kevin is very glad that he showed up, so he has somebody to party with while DH and I are at work :)

Pattern: Despicable Minions
Yarn: Sandes Yarn - 100% cotton
Modification: I didn't see any reason to knit the pupil separately just because I was knitting 2 eyes instead of just one so used the technique for the larger eye and just adapted it. Less seaming that way ;)

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  1. Oh my goodness, your minion is AWESOME! My son would love this!!!