Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday - What's One More?

Still working away on the same WIPs as well as adding a couple of new ones. I'm hopeless like that ;)

September Morn is almost done now! I'm missing just half a sleeve. Of course that does mean I've only knit half a sleeve since last time, but I kept procrastinating about picking up the stitches and actually only got around to doing so on Sunday, so with that in mind it's been half a sleeve in 3 days, which isn't all that bad ;)

Also still working on Prairie Fire for my niece. I had hoped to have that one further along by now, but I found a couple of mistakes in the pattern that I have to get verified before I can continue, as it's a test knit. As it is, I'm 15 rounds away from finishing the body, and then I just have to make the sleeves. My sister and I agree that my niece will probably get the most use out of it with long sleeves, so long sleeves it is :) Besides, it's easier to change long sleeves into short sleeves than vice versa ;)
Lots of lace, both on the front and the back (it's interchangable, so she decideds herself which is the front and which is the back) - hope she'll like it! Sorry about the glare. There's something about this yarn that catches any kind of light and makes it almost impossible to photograph properly.

Apparently I didn't feel like I had enough WIPs already, so I started a new pair of socks! This project is just zipping by, and I'm enjoying the very easy pattern. I started out using a 10" circular as Stephanie (of FreshStitches) seems to swear by it, but I just couldn't cope with the needles. I like holding the needles with most of my fingers, and it ended up being way too cramped with these toothpicks. So I switched back to my trusty magic loop method and am much happier for it :) Lesson learned.

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  1. You are busy! The sweater is soo close, good luck on the finish. I love the test knit, darling style. I agree on the small circs, my fingers are too long and gangly for that small a size. I can only go down to 16" comfortably.