Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday - One Big, One Small

Two WIPs again this week... well, three, but the Hitchhiker hasn't seen enough progress to warrent a new photo.

September Morn has though. I've finished one sleeve and the body itself. I put it on and asked DH if he thought something was missing. He just replied "You're an idiot..." - can't imagine why ;)

Haven't even started on the second sleeve though. They're a bit of a hassle to get started as there are too few stitches for a 60cm circ and too many for a 80cm magic loop. By the end of the first sleeve I finally found my 40cm circ which helped matters a lot, but I still just need to get on with it. However, I have gotten sidetracked...

... by a gorgeous testknit that Tincanknits put up. I absolutely adore her designs, so once I saw this I just knew I had to sign up for it! Once again I'm stealing one of my nieces to knit for - although this time I'm not entirely sure which one, as it all depends on who it'll fit once it's done :)
I have the choice of making it with long or short sleeves. I haven't quite made up my mind yet, as I keep going back and forth on what will get the most use. Perhaps I should just ask my sister :) But it's adorable :) And I'm thrilled to finally find a use for this yarn.


  1. Loving your projects. Your jumper will look amazing, love the colour.
    (Crochet Addict UK)

  2. That second sweater is awesome! I think it would look adorable in short sleeves, and then a long sleeve cotton shirt could always be worn underneath during colder times. Beautiful!