Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Travel Knitting

On the Needles
4 active WIPs this week :) Some of them have seen more progress than others.

In order of cast-on date...
I finished the second sleeve of Martina Behm's "Sleeves", and have now joined for the back! I seem to remember the back being a lot faster than the sleeves, so hopefully K won't have to wait too much longer for it :) It's a nice and mindless knit, but has grown too large for travel knitting, which is why this hasn't seen too much progress.

Same goes for my "Little Pole". Only another 15 rows have been added since my last photo. However, those 15 rows means that I'm now halfway through the collar!

My "Indecisive Socks" of last week are finally cooperating :) The yarn is playing nice with the pattern ("My Cup of Tea") and I'm now further than I ever came with any of the two other patterns! I have one repeat left to go before starting the heel -- am currently trying to make up my mind whether to do the heel as written, or substitute the fish-lips-kiss heel once again.

Finally, I was in the mood for something completely different earlier this week. I bought this yarn in Washington D.C. - originally destined for socks. The more I thought about it, the less I wanted to hide such gorgeous yarn away in shoes though, so instead I ended up casting on for a cowl so I could show it off properly :) It's not as soft as I would like my cowls to be usually, because the yarn was meant for socks and so was spun rather tightly, but I'm absolutely loving the way it knits up, and since it's 100% merino, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that it softens nicely with blocking. This is my current go-to pattern as it's both portable and gorgeous :)

Stash Stories
I fell - or should I say dived - into the rabbit hole again earlier this week. I'd been telling myself that I had PLENTY of yarn after my US trip and the 50% off sale earlier this year, but this Monday I discovered another 50% off sale, and as I had recently discovered I have absolutely no worsted weight yarn yet a ton of worsted weight sweaters I want to knit, I figured I would just "go take a look". In my defense, I probably actually wouldn't have bought anything if they hadn't had any worsted left, but they did :D So I now have enough for a gorgous read sweater for myself :-)

(I may also have bought yarn for two other projects since I had my ATM card out anyway, but those don't count, I'm sure ;) )

Events / Challenges / KALs
The 2 Knit Lit Chick's Sweater KAL started this Monday, and the Knitmore Girls and the Knit Girllls have been inspired by Susan B. Anderson and are starting a #projectsweaterchest on September 21st. I kinda want to be part of both, so I'm holding out and haven't cast on my $5 in Paris yet, so I have something that will be eligible for both. Of course, with all this new yarn I bought, I may change my mind and knit something else entirely ;)

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