Sunday, September 7, 2014

Year of Projects - Week 10

I started my second stashbuster project this week! My sister had mentioned that my oldest niece needed a new cardigan, so I asked her (my sister) if she thought she (my niece) would like one as a Christmas present. Turns out that she'd love one and didn't even mind knowing in advance what she'd be getting. So I sent off 5-6 patterns of cardigans I'd like to knit, so she could choose, and fortunately she chose my favourite! :)

I cast on last Monday, and haven't been able to put it down since! It's SUCH a fun knit! At this speed I'll finish way before Christmas ;)
The pattern is "Little Pole" by Joji Locatelli - I'm knitting it up in Katia Tobago, 100% cotton. I was uncertain about the colours at first, but now I love them! Hope my niece does too :)

I've also cast on for my September sock (finally ;) ), but am having second thoughts already...
I was really, really keen to get started on one of the patterns from "Socktopus", and yesterday finally decided which pattern to start off with. So I found some suitable yarn, and cast on for a beadless version of the Caretta Caretta
But 13 rounds into the first repeat, the yarn started telling me that it really wants to become Hermione's Everyday Socks instead, and now that's all I can see when I pick it up to knit more! I don't have enough yarn for both, so a decision must be made... rip back or continue on? Or - in other words - listen to the yarn, or stay with my first choice? I have a feeling it's a bad idea not to listen to the yarn, but I do have a stubborn streak... ;)

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  1. Love little pole - especially that big shawl collar and that pompom-ed tie!

    As for the sock yarn ... always listen to the yarn. Always. Funny though my inner voice whispered Hermoine's Every Day sock or Vanilla Latte as soon as I glanced at the picture!

    1. I love that your innver voice agreed with mine! Two sock knitters can't be wrong ;-)

  2. The cardi is gorgeous and the colours just right - she will love it. I would listen to the yarn - I'm not an experienced sock knitter, but the yarn is usually right!!

    1. That was my thought as well - the yarn usually knows itself.

  3. gorgeous yarn... this is going to be great x

  4. Ohhh that cardi is gorgeous, I'll have to favourite it for my girls. I'd say listen to the yarn, Hermiones Everyday Socks are fab, you'll never be happy with the socks if you continue on and why put in all that effort to then not like the end product.

    1. It's such a fun construction too! I'm loving it :)
      Yeah, I've decided to listen to the yarn. I'd probably like the socks either way, but why force the yarn into becoming something it is not?

  5. I love both your yarns and your niece is going to love her sweet. I think you need to listen to the yarn for sure. You and the yarn will be much happier! LOL!

  6. The cardi is great and love the colors in it. As for the sock..................go with the yarn voice. It always leads you the right way.

  7. Both yarns you are using look so yummy!