Sunday, September 14, 2014

Year of Projects - Week 11

Looks like I finally found a pattern to suit my sock yarn :) If you didn't see my WIP post, my yarn had become very belligerent and decided that Hermione's Everyday Socks was just FAR too boring, so that wouldn't work either. Wednesday morning I finally cast on for My Little Cup of Tea and have now come further than I did with any of the others! So I'll take that as a good sign :)

The Little Pole is still behaving nicely. Have had absolutely no problems with that one, dear thing. I'm still slightly concerned whether I'll have enough yarn, but if worst comes to worst I have some suitable white I can use to pad the sleeves. But more likely than not I'll have plenty, and this is just me being a worrywart as always ;)
(Progress photo from Wednesday, I've added about 15 rows since then).

July Sock (Braided Swirl Socks)
Stashbuster #1 (Dragonfly Elfe)
August Sock (Vanilla Socks)
September Sock (My Little Cup of Tea)
October Sock
Stashbuster #2 (Little Pole)
November Sock
December Sock
Stashbuster #3
Stashbuster #4
(Stashbuster #5)
(Stashbuster #6)


  1. My little cup of tea definitely suits the yarn and little pole is looking lovely.

  2. Cute sock! Glad you've found a pattern that will play nicely with the yarn.
    Bet you have enough yarn for little pole! Winning a game of yarn chicken is so gratifying! I'm cheering for you!

  3. Very cute sock. I just hate it when the yarn gets so gruff about telling me it doesn't want to be something - wish it were a little more vocal in telling me what it really wants to be so I don't have to guess so much :) Great work!

  4. so glad you have well behaving yarn now... it is looking great x

  5. Lovely sock and yarn. Your little pole is getting BIG and prettier by the day.

  6. Glad you found a pattern to show off your sock yarn. It looks great so far.

  7. Sock and yarn seem like they go together perfectly good. Glad you let the yarn speak to you. Little Pole is coming along nicely. I am sure you will have plenty of yarn too, but you always have the little voice in the back of your head nagging you.

  8. All looking great! Can't wait to see how it'll all come together. :)