Monday, September 29, 2014

YOP Week 13

Just a quick post today, as I haven't got a lot of progress done. In fact, I haven't touched the Little Pole at all for almost two weeks, as I got sidetracked by all sorts of other projects.

I did manage to finish the first September Sock though, so while not a complete pair as I'd hoped for, at least I got half way done instead of procrastinating completely as I'd feared. I ended up doing the heel as written and was once again reminded how very much easier the Fish-Lips-Kiss heel is!! But I'm thinking this might fit my foot better? Not sure, I'll have to pay more attention.

July Sock (Braided Swirl Socks)
Stashbuster #1 (Dragonfly Elfe)
August Sock (Vanilla Socks)
September Sock (My Little Cup of Tea)
October Sock
Stashbuster #2 (Little Pole)
November Sock
December Sock
Stashbuster #3
Stashbuster #4
(Stashbuster #5)
(Stashbuster #6)


  1. That is a great looking sock!! You still have two could finish number two before the end of the month :)

    1. Hahaha!! I know the Yarn Harlot can knit a sock in a day, but not when I have work to contend with too. I'll have to just be satisfied with this single sock for now.

  2. Great looking sock well done and number two will be done before you know it.

  3. Nice sock. Good luck on getting #2 done by Wednesday. LOL

  4. The sock looks great! And I'd ignore crazy-pants suggestions about bashing out another sock in two days ... that's just plain nutty!

    1. Ha! Yeah, not going to happen! I'm not the Yarn Harlot who can knit a sock in a day ;) If I didn't have work I *might* have given it a shot, but as it was I'd only be able to knit for 2-3 hours yesterday and the same today. No way I could get a sock done in so few hours!

  5. The sock looks great though and when the other is done you will be able to wear them with pride!